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Jonathan’s FWJ

Jonathan Davis, lead trainer and owner is a native of Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. His journey and love of fitness and being athletic can be traced back to an early age on the basketball courts of North Philadelphia and the hilly cycling terrains of Maine. With extensive positions across the state of Connecticut as a group fitness instructor and now coach, trainer and creator of FWJ. As a certified personal trainer, cross-training coach, cardio kickboxing, HIIT, cycling instructor or motivational coach his passion is seen and felt by many.

Through motivation, music and a desire to have people live their best lives, he has created an family oriented-environment and vibe that is addictive. It pushes you to your capacity to be a better you.  Always putting people before himself he is invested in his members. When not at the studio...honestly he’s always at the studio creating and working on the next big thing.


Maura’s Box/Barre
Maura is a West Hartford native and joined the FWJ family as an instructor to share her experience, strength and commitment for fitness and balance living. A life-long athlete, Maura found Barre while looking for an alternative to the high-intensity workouts. Barre challenges her like no other exercise – it improves balance, flexibility and creates lean strength in those hard-to-target muscles throughout the entire body.

She later received her Exhale-Certified Barre instructor certification. You can find Maura’s upbeat and challenging Barre studio sessions at FWJ powered by killer playlists.  

When not at the studio, Maura works as an attorney for a large insurance company and spends time with her dog son, Buddy John. 

Jenna’s Strength
Jenna is a West Hartford native and joined the FWJ family as a instructor and personal fitness coach to share her boundless enthusiasm for fun, fit, living.  

Her lifelong love of fitness and playing competitive basketball and swimming helps her identify impactful and enjoyable routines and her motivation and encouragement creates true team spirit in her sessions. 

You can find Jenna at FWJ teaching Strength studio sessions or personal training sessions.

When not at the studio, Jenna works as a nurse at Hartford Hospital and spends her time with her husband and two sons in active play and schools them on the basketball court.

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